Published July 2017

Crib and the Labours of Hercules

What happens?

Greece is in trouble. Monsters that Hercules once destroyed have returned. How can 10-year-old Crib save the country as Hercules did? Can Crib save Athens Airport from the attacks of large and murderous birds?
A huge boar is destroying the countryside and a deer is eating the farmers’ crops. In Crete, a bull is so terrifying that people hardly dare leave their houses. Can Crib solve the problems? – and without harming the beasts, for the Prime Minister wants them in a theme park. Hercules persuaded an Amazon Queen to give up her golden girdle – can Crib do the same? And can she outwit a hundred-headed dragon, so she can pick the golden apples? She descends into the underworld and meets the monstrous three-headed-dog Cerberus. Can she charm him into leaving the underworld to become a tourist attraction that will draw visitors back to Greece? And can she do all this when her uncle Jonathan keeps interfering?

Who is it for?

For anyone 8-12 years old or younger...or older

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Book Extract

Some of the story

“There was strong perfume of pine as they landed. There had been recent felling and branches littered the narrow path as they walked inland. They had been walking for only a few minutes when they heard the snapping of branches and a weird panting noise.”

“We have to hope there is someone brave enough to do what Hercules did.”

“This is the life,” Jonathan said.
“Not for long,” said a deep menacing voice, just behind Jonathan’s Ear. “You’re sitting on my foot.”

“Do we start by eating you or the girl?”

“Onward!” King Diomedes shouted. “Bite them!”
“I don’t bite horses,” Jonathan said indignantly.
“Not you!” yelled the King. “My Mares. They’re meant to be biting you.”

“The last man who did not like my marshmallows was boiled in oil.”

“He’d do well in a three-legged race. Two three-legged races in fact.”

“I think I’m going to die.”

Cerberus wiped three tears from three eyes.

“They’ll think I sat there screaming while you did the heroic stuff.”